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Increase your profits with our Business Development Program

Acoat Selected is our Business Development Program which delivers a simple approach designed specifically to support continuous improvement throughout your bodyshop. It has been enhancing business profitability for over 30 years.

The Acoat Selected Business Development Program was an industry first for collision repair centres. It was originally created in Europe in 1975 to ensure long-term success and viability of Sikkens brand customers. Today, Acoat Selected is a mark of distinction with over two thousand partners worldwide.

Our Commitment

AkzoNobel Sikkens employs full time consultants that are exclusively focused on the creation and delivery 
of our services.

The benefits to you include:
  • People who understand your business and the challenges that you face
  • People with a vested interest in the success of your business
  • People with experience in solving industry related challenges
  • People you can trust
acoat selected
Program Structure
Membership in the Acoat Selected program is available to all Sikkens brand refinish customers. Members can take advantage of the four major categories of Acoat Selected programs and services shown below:

Performance Benchmarking Educational Services3 Consulting Services Marketing Services

Performance Benchmarking

Educational Services

Consulting Services

Marketing Services

Assists shop owners or managers in identifying and prioritizing areas of opportunity within each members business.
Acoat Selected members have access to a collection of business seminars that have been developed for owners, managers, and other key staff. Benefit from one-on-one advice from consultants of AkzoNobel. Their expertise covers virtually every aspect of the vehicle repair process. Acoat Selected helps you reach customers through effective use of print media, Internet, merchandising and other channels.

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